UV Tanning Red Light & Spray Packages

$20 Sign Up Fee. May be waived with product purchase at time of sign up. Spray is clear unless bronzer is requested. Spray takes 2-6 hours to develop ★ All services are plus tax where applicable.★ 24 hour access granted with membership or 30 day membership package.

We offer four levels of UV tanning including high pressure beds, rejuvenation anti-aging red light therapy beds, sunless spray tanning, cocktail tanning UV+ Sunless to open pores & have an instant long lasting glow.

Red Light Therapy to warm up skin to increase melanin production & increase hydration to cells.
UltraBronz Session UV exposure with 1000 watt high pressure lamps.
Mystic Spray with accelerator

Cocktail tanning {UV+Spray} available. Price varies.

Other Services:

High Pressure Tanning Henderson

Level 4
Our Ultrabronz bed has 24 high pressure bulbs with 99% UVA. This eliminates most of the “burning” UVB rays and gets your tan as deep as possible so you can tan less often.
Normally these beds have a less than 12 minute tan time but we chose a “flip” bed where only the canopy has bulbs & the base of the bed has a comfortable mattress. Halfway through your tanning time you simply roll over.
I feel this provides a superior tan with no pressure points while providing a luxury relaxation experience while literally laying on a “bed”.
Also, the extremely powerful fan keeps you cool while helping your cells get more oxygen so they can “brown” faster.
We suggest coming three times within the first 6-9 days to build your base then once a week.

Pros: Visit 2-4 times a month once your base is built. Luxury comfortable experience.
Cons:This bed has almost exclusively UVA rays for lasting color. Many people tan for the health benefits of Vitamin D & the UVB rays contain the Vitamin D.


Stand Up Tanning BoothLevel 3
Level 3 Sundome XL48 Stand Up Up to 10 minutes
Our level 3 stand ups have 48 160 watt reflector bulbs. This helps to tan the deeper layers of your skin to maintain your tan for longer. With the correct base build up over a few weeks, and an excellent lotion once you have built up to the max time you may be able to come once every 5-7 days to maintain your tan.

Level 3 ETS Super Star 12 minutes
With three high pressure facials and a mix of 160 watt reflectors & 100 Watt bronzing lamps you will get amazing color fast.

Pros: Less tanning time, deeper tan.
Cons: Much deeper tan than level 1&2, but still not as deep as the high pressure & you will still need weekly visits.
Upgrade to single session sunless including “cocktail” tanning $15

Sun Tanning BedLevel 2
Level 2 bed Up to 15 minutes
Our level 2 bed is one of the industry best with 120 watt lamps and the a lower UVB than most level 2 beds. It has a UVA/UVB mix but with added reflectors and or high pressure facial bulbs. The slightly higher intensity, reflectors, and facial bulbs are designed to give you a better color, slightly deeper skin level tan, so it lasts a bit longer. This level is great for someone still one a budget who wants a shorter tan time & slightly deeper color (lotions can help deepen your color as well).
Pros: Shorter tan time, slightly deeper color.
Cons: May still have to visit salon twice a week (we love to see you though!). Slightly less dark than a level that has more UVA high pressure bu

Sun Tan Tanning BedLevel 1
Level 1 Prosun beds.
Up to 20 minutes.
ProSun Onyx Tanning Bed
Level 1 beds offer an excellent, economical way to get and keep some color, develop a base for a vacation and keep it afterwards, or just to soak up some vitamin d. Level 1 beds produce both UVA & the highest levels of UVB rays, which are the rays than may produce a burn. When you start out tanning in a Level 1 bed you must gradually build up your time and, of course, use a quality lotion. A Level 1 tan also tans the upper layers of skin so you need to tan more often as your skin is constantly “turning over”. This means you do have to tan more often and for longer times.
Combining stunning European design with the amazing results you’d expect from industry leader ProSun, the Onyx is an excellent Level 1 bed!
The Onyx features a large, comfortable tanning surface and has visual appeal and proven tanning power equal to or surpassing any other light commercial unit on the market.

Pros:Economical, great base tan, awesome for tanners who enjoy a relaxing longer sunbed experience.
Cons:Most Level 1 tanners need to establish a base going a few times a week and then keep it up going often, at least twice a week.


Red Light Therapy
Rejuvenation red light beds

Rejuvenation beds is a non invasive inexpensive way to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Red light helps to increase collagen production, which is responsible for keeping skin elastic & prevent sagging. Many users report less acne, reduction or elimination of scars, stretch marks and fine lines.
Red light was first utilized by NASA & elite athletes to help with joint injuries, healing, pain reduction, inflammation and issues like carpal tunnel.
Recommended treatment schedule starts of 3-5 days a week for up to 12 weeks and then is recommended at least twice a week to maintain results.

Pros:Better looking firmer skin, less pain, anti-aging.
Cons:Red light does not tan you so if you want a tan you can add red light to any of our UV packages, or enjoy our Desert Angel package which is unlimited rejuvenation and redlight. Once you stop rejuvenation the effects will gradually wear off, so we recommend continuing your sessions a few times a month (6-8 times) once you start to see results.

We have a Mystic Tan My Myst with Heater & Dryer. Three minutes to an incredible tan. Upgrade to bronzer for immediate results, upgrade to an accelerater so your tan is developed and you can shower in two hours instead of waiting 4-6. The HD booth is a spacious but closed booth that gently mists you in four different positions for perfect, even coverage.

PLATINUM Package Include~ Tanning, Red Light and TWO sprays. 
GOLD PACKAGES Include~ Tanning and TWO Spray Tans
SILVER PACKAGES Include~ Tanning and Red Light.
PLATINUM, GOLD & SILVER PACKAGES~ Sorry services cannot carry over.

$20 Sign Up Fee. May be waived with product purchase at time of sign up. Spray is clear unless bronzer is requested. Spray takes 2-6 hours to develop ★ All services are plus tax where applicable.★ 24 hour access granted with credit or debit card on file.