Sun Tanning Salon Equipment

High Pressure Tanning Henderson


Room 12 Ultra bronze bed, 1000 watt high pressure lamps flip mattress bed so no white spots or pressure points. Tans the deeper levels of the skin so tan lasts longer. Can tan as little as 3-6 times a month once a base is established.
Each lamp is covered with filter glass to make sure you get the most UVA light while filtering out the UVB.
One of the best tanning machines ever made.




Stand Up Tanning BoothLevel 3 Tanning- All of our Level 3 beds utilize premium VHR lamps to get you deep dark color that lasts and lasts, with way less exposure time.

Level 3 stand up beds– 48 160 watt bulbs for deeper color. 10 minute max. Our stand up booths are unique because there is no acrylic/plastic between the tanner and the bulbs.




Level 3 lay down bed- ETS Super star with added high pressure facial lamps behind filter glass. A bank of fans cool you off while getting color in 12 minutes.

Popular clamshell design to surround you with light.

VHR canopy lamps for ultra dark color.







Sun Tanning Bed


Room 7 Level 2 bed has over 30 bronzing (extra warm) for great color. 15 minute tan time plus three high pressure facial lamps behind filter glass  that can be turned off for better color on the thinner skin on the face.

The perfect bed for fair skin to coax it into producing color.

Popular clamshell design to surround you with light.




Sun Tan Tanning BedLevel 1 Beds, Prosun Onyx. 28 bulbs a mix of 110 & 100 watts with up to 20 minute tan time. Great for a base tan, higher levels of vitamin d, you do need to tan more often to maintain your tan 6-9 times a month.










2017-09-15-10-36-12-915Room 8 Mystic Tan spray tan experience with the Mystic Tan HD (heat & drying) booth and the Mystic cartridge solution. This is an excellent system that eliminates many of the complaints people have about spray tanning including: less odor, eliminates the cold & wet with the heater & dryer, anti-orange formula All products are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free and formulated with professional-grade ingredients.







Red Light rejuvenation 9 & 6 – Amazing service scientifically proven to lessen fine lines & wrinkles, increases collagen to heal cellulite, stretch marks, scars and sagging skin, helps to grow hair, decreases acne. Does not tan so it can be used during the same visit as a tanning service. The best, most cost friendly effective whole body anti aging treatment available. When used before tanning it can help increase color. Suggested 3-4 visits a week for 6-12 weeks then maintenance at twice a week.