Spray Tanning Henderson NV

Starshine 24/7 Tan in Henderson NV is now offering a spray tan experince with the Mystic Tan HD (heat & drying) booth and the excellent Mystic cartridge solution.

This is an excellent system that eliminates many of the complaints people have about spray tanning including:

Odor- Mystic Tan is formulated with D-Odor 200, designed to virtually eliminate self-tanning odor.

Cold & Wet- The HD stands for HEATER & DRYER. The booth warms up before you get in to open the pores so you absorb the tan better and it dries you between passes and after the session. You leave dry and ready for the rest of the day.

Bad color/Orange- Anti-orange complex for a tan with no worries.
Inconsistent solution- Each session means a brand new solution cartridge so your solution is 100% fresh and if you like with custom add ins. Many other machines use huge jugs of solution that will oxidize as they age. Fresh is better.

Mystery ingredients- All products are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free and formulated with professional-grade ingredients.

Unable to shower for four hours- Use accelerator to  Balance skin’s pH levels for an even, deeper, darker tan, See results in as little as 2 hours, Helps reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress, Hydrate and moisturizes skin.

Range of color choices- Available in light, medium, or dark 
Can’t remember the “Walk like an Egyptian” choreography”- One body position, four turns. Easy.


  • Be moisturized & exfoliated well for a few DAYS if possible.  If not, exfoliate on the day of service and moisturize where you will place your barrier cream: hands, feet & elbows.
  • We provide shower caps, booties, and goggles. Disposable feet stickers are available for $1. You are not required to use any of those items but a shower cap is recommended and most users hold their breath while the machine is spraying.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes & undergarments.
  • Use the barrier cream!