Spray Tan Tips

March 12, 2017 0 Comments

Your Best Spray Tanning Results at Starshine 24/7 Tan in Henderson.

Ever since we put in our Mystic HD (that stands for heater & dryer y’all because nobody likes to be cold & wet),  we have gotten a lot of questions about “best practices” on spray tans. So here is our best practice list. Some things can be done ahead of time by a few days, and some are done day of & after. It is not a comprehensive list so if you have any tips let us know, and you also do not have to do everything on the list but the more the better.
I am including a link for our favorite non-tanning range of skincare products and a few suggestions. Our link will get you $10 off.

☆ Be hydrated. Internally & externally. Drink plenty of water leading up to your spray tan and in the days before your tan use a high quality body and face lotion. The day of your tan do not use lotion except on the same places you use barrier cream which are your hands, elbows, and feet.  (Skin recovery moisturizer, Ultra soothing body butter)
☆ Be exfoliated.  A few days before your tan start exfoliating your skin gently with a loofah or soft brush. More on the feet & elbows. If you are a regular spray tanner you want to work at getting your old tan off but don’t exfoliate too much.  Also use your body and face exfoliants now. Be shaved or waxed if needed. These will help in keeping skin youthful as well as prepping for your tan.  (Any AHA or BHA skin or body product)
☆ Dress in loose clothing the day of your tan including undergarments. Wear dark colored clothing if your are going to add a bronzer.  Anything tight may alter your tan including too tight bras or socks.
☆ The day of your tan do not moisturize and you will want your face clear of makeup if you want your face tan. You CAN moisturize the barrier cream spots (hands, elbows, feet).
☆ We normally carry paper bikinis for $1 as some people do not want their “goodies” sprayed.  Your areas normally covered by your bathing suit bottoms exfoliate at a different rate than the rest of your body and the tanner can build up there. If you do not want to buy a paper bikini wear inexpensive washable dark colored underwear. The spray MAY affect the cloth so make sure they aren’t expensive or fancy.
☆ Consider a cocktail tan. You want your skin warm and your pores open. Getting a sunbed tan (even a short one) will open the pores, heat up the skin and help your color develop faster. If you are avoiding  UV our specialty spray booth has a heater so take advantage of it. Stand in the booth for a few minutes & get warm then start your spray session.
☆ Consider your add-ins.  We offer accelerator if you need to shower or sweat within three hours, bronzer if you want instant cosmetic results as your tan develops, and fragrance. The formula is the most low odor on the market but sometimes as it is in the development process there is a bit of a starchy smell.
☆ Prep proper. Lotion on the hands, elbows, and feet before you get it. Hair cap  & non-slip booties.
☆ Position yourself properly. Arms away from the body and in the last two positions lift bend at the wrist so your palms do not get sprayed.
☆ Get dry in the booth. The dryer will run for a few more moments after your tan. This is for your benefit, use it.
☆ If you can, allow your tan to dry as long as possible before sweating or showering. Overnight is ideal. If you need to sweat or shower before six hours use the accelerator. I have showered as soon as three and a half hours but I do not recommend it. (My tan turned out ok, the mystic cartridge formula is great, but it wasn’t as great as it could have been).
☆ Your few showers after should be gentle with mild soap, no shaving or waxing, and not too hot. This will help your tan last from 4-7 days. You can moisturize after your first shower and exfoliate near the end of your tanning “life” (days 5-7) in preparation for your next spray.
☆ Repeat!!
On days in between if you are not UV tanning it is safe and beneficial to use our red light therapy rejuvenation beds . These treatments will not only firm your skin but they will help your skin retain moisture, produce more collagen, and reduce fine lines. They will help add a glow to your spray tan. If you are going to use our infra slim to lose a few inches do it before spray tanning or a few days after because the heat and pressure will fade a recent spray.