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Everyone that comes in asks what type of beds we have. There are SO many beds on the market and we have chosen our equipment very carefully for variety and effectiveness. However, rarely does anyone ask, “What kind of bulbs do you have?”

I’d like to talk in particular about our level one bed lamps. Yes, the cheaper package beds, the basic bed. Why? Because a level 1 bed is an important part of your tanning regimen. You may just visit the level 1 beds once in awhile, if another piece of equipment is unavailable, or to mix things up. But the level 1 beds do offer a good boost of vitamin d and great color.

Because we believe mixing up your equipment gives the best results not only do we change our bulbs often but in our level 1 beds we use RUVA bulbs, also known as reflector lamps. This gives you the best color you can get, sometimes even better than higher level beds. Our level 1 beds have a built in reflector and the bulbs we have chosen also have a special internal coating on the backside of the bulb. This coating pushes the rays in the direction of the tanner. This highly increases the time and effectiveness of your tanning experience.

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In your tanning bed, half of the light that the tanning lamp creates goes away from you (tanning lamps generate light in all directions, after all).  The problem is that the reflectors in your tanning bed, any tanning bed, only reflect a small portion of that light back.  The rest bounces off the lamp again, and is simply lost due to “wave cancellation”.  By putting a reflector INSIDE the tanning lamp, we can force almost all the light to go out the front of the lamp, towards you.  The result is a giant step up in power. ………it has the bronzing power of extra UVA to actually get and keep you dark brown, instead of a red or orange looking tan that fades fast.  Get a more natural looking tan that lasts longer than any regular tanning lamp can deliver.

We hope that if you are using the other beds you try a level 1 bed once in awhile to mix up your exposure to help you get an effective tan. And if you are a level 1 member please be assured you are using a great lamp to get color.


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