Getting the best performance from a tanning bed

March 22, 2017 0 Comments

I thought this article was really great as far as getting the best performance out of a tanning bed.

In essence, tanning beds need to be kept between 75-90 degrees, the acrylics need to be cleaned with special cleaner and stripped on a regular basis. And, of course using good lamps. We use the norvus acrylic stripper the first time we used it last fall right after we took over the salon I was amazed at how much more output we got from our tanning beds.

I am linking to the article here

Having a properly functioning bed is not the only thing you need you also need to be hydrated by drinking waster AND use a good quality INDOOR TANNING lotion. Dry skin reflects the UV rays until blood flow increases enough to stimulate melanin. Your tissues also need to be warm.

Happy tanning!